HANS Devices, What Are They and Why You NEED One

HANS Devices, What Are They and Why You NEED One

HANS devices are an essential piece of motorsports safety equipment. HANS stands for Head And Neck System, its function is to prevent neck injuries in the event of a crash.

Unlike in a road car, when in a track prepped or racing car you usually are wearing a helmet and strapped into the seat with a multi point harness. This is great except for one little detail, with the weight of the helmet on your head and your body strapped in tight your neck can experience a lot of force from your head moving in a crash. The HANS device restricts the amount your head is able to move. Preventing serious whiplash and debilitating or fatal neck spinal cord injuries. 

For a more in depth look at a HANS device with our Executive of Speed, Will Wattanawongkiri, check out the video below!

If you would like to get a HANS device for yourself contact us or visit our online store here - https://wrteknica.com/collections/safety/products/hans-device




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