McLaren 720s AP-Racing Brake Kit Upgrade

McLaren 720s AP-Racing Brake Kit Upgrade

Last week, two McLaren 720s’ visited our shop for a full AP Racing by Essex brake conversion kit install. You may wonder why one would consider “upgrading” a quarter of a million dollar supercar, but the answer is simple. While the OEM carbon ceramic system offers great performance right out of the box, it isn’t necessarily the most cost-effective and efficient option for those looking to extract the most performance out of their vehicles.

As we know, pads and rotors are a vehicle consumable, with cost exaggerated when it comes to cars of this caliber. That’s why we recommend the AP Racing brake upgrade kit for our customers, as it offers enhanced braking performance for a fraction of the cost of replacement OEM pads and rotors.

For reference, the OEM system costs $36,000 to replace, with the rotors and rear pads lasting a maximum of six track days, and the front pads lasting one and a half. On the contrary, a full AP Racing by Essex Radi-Cal Competition Brake Kit costs just $10,999; a bargain for a system that directly rivals OEM performance.

The included brake discs come pre-burnished from the factory, a bedding procedure that requires precise equipment to accomplish. AP-Racing calipers sized to work seamlessly with the original master cylinder and ABS system allow you a wider variety of pad options from all major pad manufacturers.

All components are also designed to withstand extreme heat from extended track sessions, offering consistent performance throughout. A decrease in cost in replacement consumables will allow our customers to focus on other consumable criteria such as tires, fluids, and maintenance. After all said and done, our customers were satisfied with their newly kitted 720s’, and can now feel confident to focus on making the most out of their cars without a worry of exorbitant brake system costs.

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